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Is An Orchard Management App Right For My Cherry Farm?
With mounting costs and labor pressures, and the time wasted on double and triple handling of paperwork, plus the lack of real-time information we all need for successful decision making - running the farm on paper-based processes just doesn't cut it any more for many cherry growers.

You might be wondering:
Is an orchard management app right for our farm?
What can an orchard management app do?
How do they work?
What sort of budget should I be setting aside?
And what's involved in making the move to one?

Join us at this free cherry grower online event to find out the 
answers to these questions and more.
29 March 2023 at 11AM (PST), 2PM (EST) 
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​​​​​​​3 Reasons You Should Attend

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See For Yourself

During the webinar you’ll get a better idea on the implications of what happens if your cherry orchard management remains paper-based and the pragmatic benefits of digital orchard management that will keep your operations sustainable in the future.

Plan For The Future

It’s highly likely that even more regulation, administration requirements and costs will be heaped onto growers. This is unfortunately the reality. It’s time to take control of what you can control and put systems in place to help reduce the current and future burden.

Knowledge Is Power

One of the things about change that really freaks us humans out, is uncertainty. Not knowing, breeds fear and confusion. Take the opportunity to increase your knowledge so that you can make informed decisions and remove uncertainty. You'll get a chance to get any questions you have answered while seeing for yourself the different practical benefits.